Tuesday, July 15, 2014

There is Wisdom in Following Sound Advice

Earlier I wrote about persistence. Well, I followed my own advice and did just that. I persisted, and OMG (Oh, I know I am too old for that, but it's so appropriate). I had just about given up on a very vital source I needed for my creative nonfiction project. I thought to circumvent it, I'd use the Internet and thrash around for bits of information on various sites. Well, I decided I'd try one time to contact the source before I dug in too deeply with that tact. I went online, looking for  the director of the organization, and  Lo and Behold, it was the person I had communicated with face to face about a month ago. I sent her an email explaining I had not received the packet we had discussed and nicely asked for assistance. It was about 8:30 P.M. when I hit send, thinking it would be a few days before I got a response, so I planned to go information hunting at the Courthouse in the County Seat. When I got up the next morning (early), I had a response from her, apologizing. She thought the person to whom she had forwarded my request had taken care of it. She immediately got someone on it. While I was sitting at the library in the County Seat, trying to get my vision back from using a microfiche machine, I got an email. The info was ready. I jumped up and hurried to my car to make the hour drive to get  it. I thought, Oh please don't let this be two or three fuzzy sheets of lines that can't be deciphered because they have been copied to death. Well, it wasn't! I had a trove of documents on great quality paper, including magazine articles and pictures! I have been handling them with kid-glove care. For regular use, I made a fuzzy copy of each on my own poor quality printer. The originals I have in a coveted box in which I am saving my good stuff. So, don't give up. Keep trying. Now, I am on a roll.