Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

I just left my Wednesday writing group at the HUB in NSB. Several members were absent today, but the intimacy of two members and the group facilitator lent itself to some flexibility. After we critiqued last week's submissions, we lapsed into other writing-focused conversations.  I shared my foray into audio book production. The two who were listening started to lavish me with praises. I immediately told them about my friend who gave me the courage to try this avenue ( Yes, I gave her name, Peggy Holloway). It's important to give credit to others. None of us has arrived at this juncture in life without the help of others. And just as Peggy has been so willing to share information about marketing, others of us should be willing to share that which we have a knowledge of.  What we put into the universe comes back. Let it be something good! Happy Writing.