Sunday, July 20, 2014

Contest Fever

The malady, Contest Fever, finally wore down my resistance! In the last few weeks, I have entered three separate writing competitions. Earlier in the summer I signed up for an event, in which contestants would receive the prompt 24-hours in advance, with the mandate that the finished product  must be submitted within that time frame. In other words, the story had to be finished and done in 24-hours! Well, I was busy fluttering from one activity to another on Saturday, and missed out on  four of the allotted hours. Lost time had to be made up.

Sitting at the computer, it appeared  my Muse had gone on vacation. I put down a few words then more came. Toward the end of my composition, I could not think of a good conclusion, so I started to trash what I had and start over. Before I took that drastic step, my Muse told me to take a nap. I had barely put my head on the pillow when the conclusion came to me. Of course, I sprang up and typed the end with a fury before it escaped me.

Trying to follow some of the rules of writing I've run across lately, I put the story to bed overnight and I did the same. When I awoke this morning, a nifty thought came to me on how the ending could be better; so that was included.  After reviewing the story and looking over the contest rules again, I sent it!

In six weeks or a bit more, the results will be announced. I would keep my fingers crossed, but I just read that sustained periods of doing that causes "trigger finger". Since I already have a thumb claiming that ailment, I will pass! Instead, I will wish the best for all the entrants, but please let me win!