Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I've done a couple of posts about the new project I'm undertaking. It's my hope to do a creative non-ficiton, which entails lots of research. Since I dove into it about two weeks ago, I have been digging like a prairie dog(they do dig, don't they?). One of the main archives I need to access has been a bit difficult, however. But, I refuse to give up. I will persist! In all due fairness, just as difficult as it has been to get into that place, it has been equally as easy to get into others. I have met  wonderful, helpful resource people in my area. They have shared articles, contacts and leads. Of course, the Internet has been an invaluable tool, but I want as much primary source information as possible. To that end, I have done the web page www.bethunebeachofyore.com, hoping to get some anecdotes. A few people who got the message about the site, called, texted or emailed. After talking to one of these folks, he shared how badly he wanted to get to the beach sometimes that he started walking, hoping someone would come along and give him a ride( it is ten miles south of NSB). I said, "You must write that up. I want to include it."  I also want pictures, letter, souvenirs. I believe this is going to be good. Ethel