Sunday, July 6, 2014


What is pre-writing someone might ask? It's a myriad of things; however, simply put, the process involves any experience which feeds ideas that can be put into words. Presently, I am in the pre-writing phase of my next project. I'm doing a lot of grunt work to get information. As I talk about the project, I share the information so that I can become very familiar with it. Once, the writing process begins, I want to be so familiar with the facts that they will flow freely onto the page.

In the pre-writing stage, I always do a lot of thinking about writing. As I ride along, I formulate ideas for an opening or introduction; I think of chapters headings. Since this project is creative non-fiction, I am trying to get the elements of that genre clearly delineated. I can't interject or fabricate events as  can be done in historical fiction. The big draw back to this phase, one might ask. Well, when in a writing group, members expect each writer to produce work to be critiqued and discussed. For several weeks, I haven't. There's nothing on paper yet. But once things start flowing, I hope what issues forth is worthy.