Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Importance of Writing Cohorts

After much working and reworking of my manuscript, I definitely realize the importance of writing cohorts. They can provide invaluable information that can add to the success of a work.  I do warn against having too many "fingers in the pie" because that increases the likelihood of contradictory views being espoused. So, I suggest sampling several writing groups and find one which provides: honest critiques, not warm and fuzzy unwarranted compliments; encouragement; helpful suggestions for improvement; resource materials and for the aging, someone with good eyesight to pick up typo's and omissions.

In regard to the last characteristic, I find it so disheartening to finish a manuscript, pore over it for hours, upload it, only to see once it's gone public a N or some other str4ange character in the middle of a word. It is great some authors can make corrections to the work and repost. For the ones who don't have that option, be sure to have a one last combing through by someone with 20/20 (or better) and a mind for detail.

Well, let me go download my manuscript for the 15th time!  Happy Writing, Ethel