Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Alone doesn't mean Lonely!

I listen to Public Radio and while waiting to go into the library a guest made a remark to which I could relate. He spoke of a famous writer who eschewed  public appearances; even though, perhaps, his influence could have affected change. It was reported he preferred being alone with his creativity!

Only a few days earlier, my brother and I were talking of a cousin's passing--a relative we will both sorely miss. He was an artist and a hunter. He, a mosaic of interesting facets, never married because he realized a wife would be in either third or fourth place in his heart. And for someone who would hold him in first place, that would've been unfair. Just as the unnamed author mentioned above, Old Crow enjoyed being alone with his creativity.

I am pretty much the same. I do enjoy being in the company of others, but I have no problem spending extended periods with only my laptop and my thoughts. Ethel Cook-Wilson