Friday, August 1, 2014

This Has Helped Me

Many authors sit at a computer and write out of their heads. I am one who does that. Oftentimes, I think I get a pretty good flow going; after all, the page is full of words when I finish. However, I have learned, simply to fill up a page does not equate good writing.  To get a true assessment, some other eyes and ears need to be on your project. The writer's fingers and thoughts alone are not good enough. As a matter of fact, a writer needs to get his mouth and ears involved. After finishing a piece, take time to read it out loud. So what if your neighbors think you're crazy for reading to yourself for hours. Better you catch your mistakes in privacy rather than  have them disclosed on an Internet site. I just advised a fellow writer, if your tongue starts tripping over what you've written, maybe something needs to be deleted or some words need to be rearranged. Take the time to do this, and it will save a lot of extra work and perhaps embarrassment later. Oh gosh, I hope everything  in this post is right!