Saturday, August 16, 2014

Creative Non-Fiction

The creative non-fiction work about Bethune-Volusia Beach, Inc. has taken a significant turn. It will now be the facts, nothing but the facts. So little is known publicly about this wonderful venue that boomed from the late 40s until the mid-60's that I feel compelled to keep it fact-based. The few pages I've done have been shared with several of my writing groups and friends, and they are hungry for the truth. So, that is the path I will take. Besides, it is much easier than the franken-genre, Creative Non-fiction.

By the way, what is that exactly? I read sections in several trade books and online explanations and can't get a firm grasp of its definition. Some instruct that it can be embellished! Really? Well, that defeats my reason for doing this project. A lot of lore and misinformation already exist about the beach town, so I feel justified in sticking to documented facts.

Digging through musty historical archives or spending hours on line looking up information would drive some people bunkers, but I quite enjoy it. As a matter of fact, as I said in an early post, I volunteer at a museum. I also nest in several of the libraries throughout the county, working on the project. So, I think non-fiction is a good fit for me and the project.

If any of you have stories about Bethune-Volusia Beach, please share those with me. There's a web site: where you can put your stories. I think you have the ability to respond to the blog, here, as well. Come on. Help me out.